Title: Articles by Priests for Life about Elections
  Author: Priests for Life - 1/15/2024
Title: Priests for Life mourns loss of Rev. Dean Nelson
  Author: Priests for Life - 12/18/2023
  Description: The leadership of Priests for Life expresses its condolences to the family of the Rev. Dean Nelson, a pro-life activist with whom we have worked closely over the years.
Title: African Americans Advancing the Culture of Life
  Author: Civil Rights for the Unborn - 9/19/2023
Title: Dr. Alveda King, Is Championing Civil Rights For The Unborn
  Author: Yolanda Baruch - 8/30/2023
Title: Alveda King: Killing Babies in Abortion is a “Crime Against Humanity”
  Author: Dr. Alveda King - 7/4/2023
  Description: With the anniversary of the US Supreme Court Dobbs decision bringing a reversal of Roe v Wade, a recent poll reveals that there is an apparent awakening that abortion is a crime against humanity.
Title: Alveda King: Juneteenth Celebrates End of Slavery, Now We Need to End Abortion so Babies Can Celebrate
  Author: Alveda King and Frank Pavone - 6/19/2023
  Description: We passionately support and promote the truth that no matter what color our skin might be, we are one race, the human race, and we have devoted our lives to advocating for the one group of human beings who have not yet been freed: Children in the womb.
Title: Bott Radio honors Priests for Life leader with Faithful Service Award
  Author: Leslie Palma, Director of Communications - 5/25/2023
Title: Frank Pavone Comments on Latest Developments
  - 12/18/2022
Title: Alveda King addresses community leaders, Catholic parishioners and lawmakers in Spokane for Priests for Life
  Author: Priests for Life - 3/21/2022
Title: Eugene Vigil, Priests for Life employee, assistant to Alveda King, dies at 62
  Author: Priests for Life - 9/27/2021
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Civil Rights for the Unborn