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All too often the mainstream media will not report the victories of the pro-life movement. Click here to read current stories on the pro-life movement.

Test Your Knowledge Quiz

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Every day we hear from people who donít know or donít believe the high number of abortions that are impacting our nation and the world. Click here for ongoing up-to-date reports on abortion numbers.

The Pill Kills

WARNING: Abortion and contraceptive drugs and certain reproductive prevention procedures may be harmful to women's health. They are NOT health care.

The 3-Headed Monster

...we are faced with a 3 headed monster that resists the Word of the Lord - "Be fruitful and multiply".

Life At All Costs

Alveda King and other black leaders talk about vital life issues.

Maafa 21 Trailer

Watch Maafa 21 to see how the American Birth Control League, later Planned Parenthood, worked to reduce and eliminate the black population.

It All Started with An Apple

And it all started with an apple The growing controversies surrounding 1st Amendment religious and freedom of speech rights are reaching fever pitch. The following "discussion" springs forth from a series of current emails and communications.

Civil Rights for the Unborn